Saturday, April 30, 2011

A morning with the birds

Led by the wonderful Jan from the Bendigo Field Naturalists we had a wonderful morning spying birds at the Kennington Reserver.  At the moment we are preparing for a special day in May at Kamarooka - celebration Salt Watch Week with the local Catchment Management Authority and also the Northern United Forestry Group.  It is taking place on Sunday the 22nd - stay tuned for more details.

We started by learning all about the slime stuff growing in the water - and how it likes to make you sick if you get in the water!
We also learnt about the careful art of observation and asking questions - because birds are always so busy!

 The Field Naturalists supplied everyone with a drawing board, paper and pen.  We learnt about the art of making drawings and notes from our observational walk and then looking up in books for more information about the birds we spied.

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