Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hidden Wonders of White Hills

In the month of July the Bendigo Family Nature Club,  lead by the wonderful local volunteer experts from the Field Naturalists will be exploring the hidden wonders of White Hills!

This event is free and fun - taking place on Sunday the 17th of July 10am - 12pm Bookings are essential as when you book you will find out where the event is taking place! or  5443-1326

Did you know on the north side of town in White Hills there is a upside down landscape!  Many years ago (we are talking dinosaur time) it was where the Bendigo Creek ran and now the bottom of the old creek is the top of a hill!

Check out all these amazing rock formations.

Everyone will need to wear sturdy footwear to manage the rough, uneven ground.  As
usual, we will also need to be weather-proof so come suitably dressed for cold & possibly
damp weather.
People who are keeping notes of our activities will have many things to
write down so they should come prepared for this with pencil & paper.

There should also be many things to photograph for people who want to bring their cameras.

Eric Wilkinson, who worked as the Government Geologist for many years in Bendigo, will
show us some of the hidden wonders of White Hills.

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