Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yesterday in the wonderful sunshine of Bendigo spring we made some new water bug friends at the Bendigo Family Nature Club.  Meeting at the beautiful number 7 park in Kangaroo Flat Cass from the North Central Catchment Management Authority introduced us to the world of macroinvertebrates.

 We learnt that macroinvertebrates means small and without a backbone.  The we all imagined how fantastic it would be not to have a backbone because this would mean we could be fantastic wigglers and be able to tie ourselves into knots!

Using a big net Cass found us some water bugs to meet in the frog pond.  We decided that water bugs are really very important as they are cool, interesting and a food source for other wonderful creatures - like birds, fish, frogs and platypus.  Did you know that platypus need to catch a cup of water bugs a day to stay healthy!

After finding some little water bugs we all had a chance to catch some with a spoon and visit their little world using special magnifying viewing containers!

Thank you Bendigo Family Nature Club for having me along to look at the Water Bugs. It was great to be able to share the knowledge of Macroinvertebrates or Water Bugs with such an enthusiastic crowd.   Some of the bugs we found on Sunday were :
Caddisfly Larvae
Mosquito Larvae
Beetle Larvae
Diving Beetles and
Water Boatman!
We also heard lots frogs singing in the Frog Pond!
Thanks again, Cass

Thanks Cass - we had a wonderful morning and really enjoyed the water bugs.

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