Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fungi Finding

It is disappointing to note that the weather has just been far to nice for fungi life here in Bendigo - however at Number 7 Reservoir last Sunday we did find a few examples - and you will see Rod down below saying "cheers to that"!

Last year it was lovely and wet and Rod taught us all how to make fungi spore pictures - click here for more details.

Joy brought along her mirror to check under the fungi's skirts!

Most people brought along a camera to take shots of our treasure findings - don't for get to send yours to or pop on our Facebook page

Mostly you will find fungi in soggy places, that are dark and gloomy.  Jan and Indigo found an example of Mycelium growing on a log.  It is the white webby stuff and it is the start of new fungi waiting for the rain and the wind to help it grow and send out spores for new fungi.

The Bendigo Field Naturalists provided everyone with a id sheet to find different sorts of fungi -  including fungi with gills, bracket fungi and puff ball fungi!

As always we find other exciting life in the bush - this time wild honey comb!

Join us next time for tree hugging loving in June!

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