Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crusoe Reservoir Adventure, Choose your own adventure!

Crusoe Reservoir Adventure, Choose your own adventure!

Sunday 18th November 2012: Start 9.45am.

Meet at 9.45am Main Gate of Crusoe Reservoir (toilets available at that point) Crusoe Road.
Bring bikes, fishing rods, kayaks, binoculars and be ready to explore this marvellous resource.
Choose your activities.

There are up to 10km of tracks to run, walk or ride your bike, so you can go anywhere from 1km to 10km’s.
Bring your lunch! Have fun!

How to get to the Crusoe Res.
Turn into Furness Street (near Harvey Norman) continue along the street until you hit a T intersection then turn right into Crusoe Road. The turn into the Reservoir is about half to one k on the right.

For more information and bookings:
bendigonatureclub@gmail.com or 54440678

This event is made possible with the wonderful support of the Bendigo Feild Naturalists and the Bendigo Sustainability Group

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