Saturday, March 22, 2014

Walk Along O'Keefe Trail



This month get out the backpack and sturdy shoes we are walking the O'Keefe Trail.

Along this gravely track we will be enjoying, not only Bendigo's fine bush, but an Expert Guest Speaker and a Poet.

You will learn about the history of the trail with Greg Ralton, from the Friends of Bendigo Kilmore Rail Trail and their future dreams for the trail.

This fine bloke, pictured here, is from Dinkum Oz Entertainment Geoffrey Graham will be entertaining us with Bush Poetry at Axe Creek Bridge.

Walking Along the O'Keefe Trail is certain to be a memorable day for you and your family.

This event is FREE and brought to you by the Bendigo Family Nature Club, with the support of the Bendigo Sustainability Group and Friends of Bendigo Kilmore Rail Trail and your legs.

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