Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bendigo Nightlife in the Bush

You are invited to an evening of nature science & fun.

Saturday 22 of April 5.40pm - 8.40pm

Discover night creatures in their habitat & learn about their mysterious lives.

BENDIGO FAMILY NATURE CLUB is hosting a free activity for children and minors, accompanied by, a parent or carer.

We have an expert Bat Woman with other bat folk who will attempt to capture some of the tiniest micro bats in the world.

Although you are not to touch, you will see these amazing creatures up close if our capture scheme is a success. 

Other activities will include listening in on the secret life of bats using bat detector to pick up their high-frequency calls, and spotlighting other creatures of the night in the Bendigo Forest with experienced qualified field guides. Identify and see what the nightlife is doing. See images from a special habitat camera.
Booking is essential, please read instructions. Indicate the number of children and adults in your booking group using the online form.

If you like you are welcome to dress a bit batty.

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