Sunday, July 16, 2017

Frogs and Yellow Footed Antechinus

Homes for Frogs and Yellow-footed Antechinus. 

Each of these animals has very special requirements for where they live. 
Ms Antechinus has quite a lot of children just once a year. We will be taking a walk in the bush to learn how we can help her build the safest home and feed all of her young. 
On the other hand, we all know that Little Tommy Tadpole (Growing Up by C J Dennis) needs a reliable pool of water before he has a chance to become Mr Thomas Frog. Renovations and planting of select grasses and water plants are always welcome around the famous Number 7 frog ponds. So come prepared with your favourite gardening gloves and a pair of dry shoes and socks in the car. 

For Children/minors with a responsible adult, parent/carer.
It is Free… Supported by Bendigo Sustainability Group and Bendigo Field Naturalists Club. Maybe bring a picnic to have after the activity.


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