Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birds : Nature's flying rainbows

Sunday was one of those magical spring-in-the-bush sunshine days when we meet together for Places We Love: Bendigo Creek and we didnt have any choice - we did fall in love with the Bendigo Creek.

 The morning was hosted by Nicole of the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group who continues to invest a great deal of her time and energy caring for the rehabilitation of the Bendigo Creek.

First we learnt about the fine art form of bird watching and we all joined in a bird treasure hunt.

Whilst the kids got some hand on beak experience - I got to do some serious cloud watching!


Using tweezers, garlic crushers, eye droppers and tongs children tried picking up different sorts of items to crush, slurp and swish about - considering why birds have different sorts of beaks.

On to play Bird call Bingo!  With first a discussion about why birds might call & thanks to the trusty aid of previous bird callings the bingo was a great challenge to adult and kids ears a -like.

We really got into the beauty and the awesomeness of bird by trying out some nest building. Nicole's challenge to us was to create a nest using materials beside the Bendigo creek, and it is cosy and also strong enough to hold a golf ball!

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